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Energy storage solutions

Products and solutions for any type of application. Sizing and complete supplies of industrial batteries for UPS, energy stations, data centers, telecommunications, renewables. 

Batteries, monitoring and recharging systems and energy storage solutions for fork lifts, platforms, AGV, cranes, marine and light traction applications, supplying both of lead-acid and lithium-ion technologies. Made in Italy high power and reliable electricity storage devices for cars and trucks, with no maintenance, also available with AGM and EFB technologies for Start&Stop uses.

industrial batteries


We bring to the market outstanding solutions for electric energy storage, delivering to our customers a first class wide range of products, technologies and services. We generate value for our customers leveraging sound experiences and skills developed in the industrial battery business and in related sectors, such as material handling, supply chain, back-up systems and industrial automation.

forklift battery


Triatech® Motive Power batteries are well suitable to fork lifts, platforms, cranes, AGV and LGV and they are assembled with cells and components manufactured in state-of-the-art plants. Triatech® wide product range includes GEL and low maintenance cells too.

ups battery


We distribute Triatech® and Leoch branded batteries, providing a full range of outstanding products for Network Power applications, such as UPS, Telecom, Oil&Gas, Emergency systems, Data Centers, Renewable energies.

agm batteries


AGM, GEL, tubular and plane plates monoblocs delivering high number of cycles and deep cycle performance, fitting to any type of light traction application, such as golf cars, wheels chairs, electric vehicles, and marine usages.

lithium batteries


Lithium-Ion batteries and recharging dedicated systems fulfilling superior energy efficiency and safety requirements for fork lifts, UPS, TLC, energy stations, renewables, AGV and electric vehicles.

car battery


Top quality made in Italy batteries for any type of cars and trucks applications, also available with AGM and EFB technologies matching Start&Stop requirements.

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