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Premium energy batteries

Updated: May 6, 2021

Lithium-Ion technology: batteries with great performance and superior energy efficiency. A long term experience in the Motive Power applications is making our Company a market leader in the industrial and starter batteries markets, an ideal energy partner for the industrial automation and logistics industries.

Triatech Company stands out for its particular innovative capability, thanks to its lithium-Ion technology.

The company distributes on the Italian market batteries for forklifts and special machines with new generation lithium-Ion 12, 24 and 48 volts, with an expected cycle life up to 5.000 cycles. Top of the range and absolute innovation, Triatech branded lithium batteries can be recharged in 60 minutes or with continuous opportunity recharges. Energy consumption gets reduced by up to 40% and no maintenance is required. Last, our lithium-ion batteries are free of any gaseous emissions.

Upon customer's request, the batteries can also be tested free of charge and included in long-term operational rental programs, together with the dedicated Tricom battery chargers. Customer service is, indeed, a categorical imperative for Triatech. Timeliness of communications, flexibility, ability to listen and interpretate needs, sharing, transparency and reliability are the founding values ​​of the company. Triatech, with many years of experience in the sectors of industrial and starter batteries, industrial automation and integrated logistics, is paying a lot of attention to the theme of innovation, both of products and processes, in order to generate added value and significant savings for its customers.

In a nutshell: what you need, when you need it, at the lowest cost.

The quality of our products is of the highest level and our batteries guarantee excellent performance in terms of cycle life, maintenance and consumption.

The batteries for traction applications are produced and tested in the state-of-the art logistics and production center of Glauchau (Dresden), size 55,000 square meters, opened at the end of 2014, with painted and plasticized boxes manufacturing on site, cells and components selected according to the highest quality standards.

Our product range, available under the registered trademark Triatech®, is complete and includes GEL, low maintenance and British Standard batteries.

Triatech's catalogue, one of the most complete on the market, also offers batteries for cars and trucks, AGM monoblocs, GEL, flat and tubular plates for light traction and batteries for stationary use.


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